Monday, December 11, 2006

Small World

Last week I was having coffee with my hairdresser friend, Richard. He received a call from Amsterdam. It was his new boyfriend. Initially he was flirting on the phone and you could see his face glowing. Then out of sudden he passed the phone to me. I have not met or knew of his new boyfriend but my friend insisted that his boyfriend wanted to talk to me. I spoke to him and found out that the steward, Mel, was my friend’s ex. This friend of mine (Shan) I got to know him through my ex. So he is the ex of the friend of my ex. He he … This ex of the friend of mine ex later on had a short relationship with one of my other close friend, Din, and now he is going out with Richard. Phew!

Anyway, Shan had made plan with me to go to Bangkok together. Last two days I met up with him to discuss the detailed plan. He came with a cute boy, Aziz, apparently, his current boyfriend. After going through the plan, they were rushing to a karaoke do. Shan made a remark that it was funny because both of them are going to see both of their ex-es there. Shan’s ex and Aziz’s, coming as a couple, were joining the karaoke. I asked Shan which ex he was going to see. He told me it was Mel. If he was going to see Mel and Mel is currently going out with Richard, then … Richard used to go out with Aziz! Understand?!

Emmmmmph ….. like the saying goes, ‘It’s a small world after all’.

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