Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Amazing Race (The Local Bkk Tour)

DAY 7, 8 & 9

This was the day that we went back up to Bangkok. I was so looking forward to it. I wanted to check out DJ Station and the reputable Babylon. We checked out early and headed back to Bangkok. Our hotel was located in Silom Road. At nite, Silom Road is gay heaven in Bangkok.

On the arrival nite, we went to the go go bar at Soi Pratuchai. The show was shocking and worth going for but once you have seen one you would have enough of it. I insisted to go to DJ Station because the whole week I wanted to dance and Pattaya has no good place to dance. DJ Station was located at Soi 2 Silom Road. It was so packed that it was quite impossible to move around in the club. My friends went all the way up to the third floor but I just had to dance on the ground floor. I was so engrossed into dancing that my friends just abandoned me at the club. When the club closed, I had to go back alone. As I was walking toward my hotel, a cute guy passed me and turned to have a look at me. He then turned to a lane while still looking at me. I just ignored it. I was hungry and stop over at the 24 hours outlet McD. Coming out from McD, he was standing at the entrance. He smiled at me and I went to him and said hi him. Ott, his name, spoke good English and he a local. We chatted for a while and we went into McD to sit and chat. He was pleasant gentleman to chat with and I invited him to the hotel. He accepted it and I told him that we had to walk quite a distance to the hotel. He told me that he'll drive us to the hotel.

We went back to the hotel and Ott spent the nite at the hotel. After breakfast, he sent me to the nearest sky station Chong Nonsi and he went back home. I went to Chatuchak to shop. I came back to the hotel and rest. At about 5pm, Ott came over to the hotel. We went out dinner at a nice Thai restaurant. The food was wonderful and most importantly was not too hot. My suspicion was he told them not to cook the dishes hot.

After dinner, we went to the reputable Babylon to meet up with my Malaysian friends who abandoned me the nite before. Babylon was amazing. The building was a big huge complex for gay activities. I was damn impressed. That very nite we went was the eve to Christmas. They had shows and underwear party going on at the complex. The crowd was very international. I even heard some Russian speaking to one another among the crowd.
However, I went around with Ott. He was my tour guide to the huge complex. We went to the private chamber, the dark room, the dungeon, the glory hole cabins and the wild disco. We had so much fun teasing the people there. We were even being told off once by someone to stop laughing. I never knew it was a serious matter to go to a sauna!

We left Babylon and went straight to Soi 2 Silom Road to meet Ott's friend at JJ Park. They had the table nearest to the stage. A cute Thai boy was singing on the stage. Ott's friend had to put me right in front next to the stage. The Thai singer asked me something in Thai and I told him that I don'e speak Thai. That was a mistake because the whole nite the Thai singer was singing and dedicating all the songs to me. The crowd in the bar was enjoying it too. But I had fun!
Ott stayed over again that nite. He had to work on Christmas day as it was not a holiday for Thailand. He told me that if he would have know that he was to meet me, he would have taken the day off to spend the time with me on that Christmas.

On the last in Bangkok, which is on Christmas Day, me and Ott had our last breakfast together and I had to bid goodbye to him early in the morning. After that I slept through the late morning and packed at noon. I joined my friends for a last day lunch in Bangkok and walkabout at the Siam Paragon for our last hours in Bangkok for this trip.

We left Bangkok at 8.30pm from Suvanabhumi Airport. Goodbye Bangkok till the next many trips!

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