Saturday, November 25, 2006

Writing On The Walls

I was chatting with my friend the other day and we were talking about his ex. Obviously, he poured his heart out on the bad things that his ex did to him. Most of the things were the same old thing relation problems but the only thing that I found intriguing about his ex was that he has the habit of leaving his own mobile number and name on the walls of public toilets. Who, in the right mind, would leave his own number and name on the wall of public toilet?!

I always thought that the numbers and names on the wall of public toilets are to spike back at that person. One who probably hated the victim so much that one writes the phone number and name of the victim to expose the victim to the embarrassment of public ridicule.

Since my friend told me of his ex wall writing habit, I actually started reading the writings on the walls. What I found disturbing are the comments next to the numbers and names on the public toilet walls. A majority of these comments are written by homophobic and gay bashers. The one that I remember is one comment next to a peep hole. It said, ‘Bloody faggot! If I catch u, I’ll poke ur eyes blind!’

Does his ex know that there are so much violent going around? Why is he leaving himself to an open invitation to potential violent? One sick gay basher might just call him and lure him into a trap. It did happen and it will happen again!

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