Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Amazing Race (The Gay Tour)

DAY 3,4,5 & 6

Today I only got half a day in Bangkok because later in the afternoon I will be joining my friends who will be arriving from KL. We were to meet at the airport at 3pm. I woke up early and went out before 8am. I managed to cover the Wat Phra Kaew, the Grand Palace and site seeing around there. I also did the ferry ride up the Chao Pharaya River to Phra Arthit jetty. I had enough time to pack, check out and lunch before my ride to the airport.
At the airport, I met up with my 2 friends flying down from KL. We took the limo and went straight to Pattaya, the City of Extreme! The whole town smelled of sex.

The limo did not know where our hotel was. We went around and around the Pattaya Beach. We had to be dropped off at the main street and we had to walk looking for the hotel. Luckily, the hotel was not so far away. The hotel we were staying at was The Ambiance Hotel at Boyz Town.
Initially, I was excited about the town but after spending few days there, I found out that everything in Pattaya had a price tag to it. It does not matter whether the boy like you of not. However, if you are old, affordable and in need of young flesh, do make yourself to Pattaya. Hence, my friend and me only spent time at the Jomtien beach in the day and Boyz Town at nite in the bar. We went to the go go bar but they either were miserable or trying very hard to sell boys of 11 to 15 years of age.

The last nite at Pattaya was the eve to my birthday. My friends organised a birthday surprise at the Panama Bar at Boyz Town. They even had the bar boys to join us at the table. After the bar closed, I decided to go off to Maya Club at the Walking Street. None of my friends or the bar boys of Paname Bar wanted to join me. One of the other bar boy, Ben, next to Panama told me that it was happening there. He was going and asked me to join him there. Actually we had been in contact before this and I had a fancy on him. I went up to the hotel and changed. Somehow as I was in the room, I had long chat with my friends. I only managed to come out of the hotel an hour later. I went to Maya and found that Ben was already with a white middle man. I said hi to him, we chatted for a short while and I left him with his patron. I was just hanging around when I saw Ben going to the toilet. He was giving me the indication that he wanted me to follow him and so I did. In the toilet, he told me that he was waiting for me and would want to see me the next day. He kissed and hugged me and went back to his patron for the nite. I did not tell him that I was leaving the next day. I just left it as it was.

As I was coming back to the hotel, I saw that the gym next to the hotel was dimly lighted. Someone was working out in the gym. This was 4am. I went closer and took a peek. The guy was working out with only his pair of short shorts. He noticed that I was looking at him. I was so damn horny. I sat at the table outside the gym and kept looking into the gym. The guy somehow knew that I was horny started showing off himself. I did not know what to do but to watch. He stood up and walked to my direction. He had his hand in his shorts and was playing with himself. I can't believed my luck. He called me into the gym and I followed. I was so willing to pay for sex then. We went to the small sauna room and had a quickie in it. After that he did not even suggest a price for the fuck and so I paid him 500Baht.

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