Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Island Hopping at KK

I was at Kota Kinabalu for the Chinese New Year. I found that the city has so much potential and there are so much yet to be offered. However, the most amazing thing is that the city offers beautiful islands within a boat ride away.

This we did on my second day there. My friend and I opted for island hopping to 3 islands. We chartered a private boat for the just the two of us. The first one was Mamutik. Medium size island that has only camping facility and beach activities. We arrived at the island about 9.30am and we spent the whole morning soaking the sun there. The water was so clear that you can see school of fishes swiming in the sea around the corals without snorkelling.

For lunch, we went to the next island, Manukan. A bigger island that provides nice beautiful chalets with resort facilities. We had lunch there but the price was a bit on the higher price. After lunch, we went to check a sunset sighting venue on the other side of the island. It was a long hike going uphill. The total journey was 3.5 km! By the time we got back to our boat we were knaked. My friend wanted to just go back to KK but I insisted on the last

The last island was Sulug. A small island and desserted. Nothing was there except for a small portion of vegetation and a beach front on one side of the island. Our boatman parked the boat on the one side of the island and we had to walk across a strectch of sand dune of 4 feet high to reach the other side of the beach. The island with white sandy beach, warm clear blue water, blue sky and no one else on the island, invited both of us to skinny dip in the water. It was so nice in the water that we had a quickie in the sea!

We went back to KK with big smile on our faces. Probably the boatman knew what we did on the last island but hell cares! we both were on a holiday.

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