Thursday, November 16, 2006

Positive Living

Early this year a friend told me that his boyfriend was diagnosed HIV+. I asked him if he took the test himself. He told me he did not want to take the test because he did not want to know his status. He told me that if he dies tomorrow, it would not make a different. I was shocked. Till today he refused to take the test.

Few months later, my current told me that one of his friends was diagnosed HIV+. I asked him if his friend was getting any medical attention. He told me that the friend felt that he did not need any medical attention but with the HIV+ status, gave him the passport to have unsafe sex and live life to the fullest.

Right after the Eid celebration, one of my friends came over and confessed his sin to me. That was the same day after he went for the HIV blood tests because his doctor was suspecting him to be HIV+. He also told me that he thanked god to give him a second chance to repent and prepare himself for his death.

The only similarity of these three cases is that all three believed that being diagnosed HIV+ is like a death penalty. Each of them may took different approach how to end their death but they were all seeing themselves driving in a car at 150 MPH heading towards a wall.

None of these cases believe that there is life after being diagnosed HIV+. I do feel sad for all of them. They all need to realise that with proper medical attention, positive living mentality and supportive family and friends around, one can still be HIV+ and live life to the fullest.

A friend of mine, who is a policeman, was diagnosed HIV+ 2 years ago. He had the similar psychological breakdown initially. Being in a macho profession, it was devastating to be known as gay and even worst of HIV+ status. He went through hell initially. To add on to his misery, the physician who was attending to him was his boss’s wife. I told him that if his doctor was professional, she would not disclose his case to her husband. Only after that he trusted his physician and allowed medical attention. Now with the support from his family and few close friends, he is living a positive life.

A wise friend of mine told me that if you are being diagnosed HIV+, do just take it as any other medical illness. If you are suffering from diabetic, high blood pressure, heart problem or kidney failure you do need to be on medication attention for the rest of your life. It is the same thing with being diagnosed HIV+.

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