Friday, November 03, 2006

Straighten Up

It is the Eid Mubarak Festive season again. Like most Muslim of Malaysia, I did the ‘balik kampung’ thingy (back to home town). As usual the only thing to do during this festive season was to go around visiting relatives’ houses. But without fail, the same question that kept popping out frequently is, ‘When will you be getting married?’ Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I wish I could just tell them that I am gay and would only want to marry a MAN!

Living in KL, far way from my hometown, I am openly gay living with my boyfriend where my friends and neighbours respect and understand our lifestyle. Back in my hometown, I obviously had to pretend to be straight. Thank god that this game of charade is only for the short visit of the festive season. However, not all are fortunate enough ‘to go back’ to their dream lifestyle. During this festive season, I had the opportunity to see my cousins, who I know are gays themselves, living the life that is expected by the society. Yup, pretending being straight and married with a wife!

Most amazingly, they worked very hard to straighten themselves. Two years ago my cousin initially had to adopt a child to build his family. Both my cousin and his wife did not disclose whose fault it was for the long barren years but your guess would be as good as mine. However, after the first adopted child, he seemed to like the idea of being a father and worked very hard to become one of his own and at last did he become one on my last visit.

My other gay cousin built his family quite instantaneous after his wedding. I was happy for him but the last update I got from his mom is that he is having a second wife! How far does this cousin of mine want to proof his ‘straightness’? Or does he really like the creatures from Venus?

Whatever it is, I do take off my hat off for both them.

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