Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Encounter 3

Don’t judge the book from its cover!

Horny as usual forced me to cruise for fun. Went to Jurassic Park, a name only know to PLU (people like us). Meet this nice clean Chinese chap. Well groomed and dressed in a stripped long sleeves shirt with proper trousers. Probably he just got out from his office.

We casually said hi and he invited me over to his place. I agreed and went back to his place.

At his place, he invited me in. As soon as I got in, he locked the door and door grille with series of keys. I just thought he was being extra careful with security.

We walked to his living area. He had his TV on and his porn video was playing. It was an S&M video. I was slightly shocked but what the hack ….

Few minutes later, both of us were on the floor naked and were on each other. The room was lit with candles. The S&M video was still running. I was enjoying it. Out of the sudden, he stopped and went straight to the kitchen without excusing himself. He came back with a condom filled with water that was frozen. It looked huge man! I just stared at the frozen dildo. He told me to fuck him with it. I was resisted initially but obliged later. He was enjoying it. I was disgusted. I tried to make him cum to end it all and yet he did not cum. After a while, he grabbed one of the candles. He told me drip the molten wax on his asshole while fucking him with the frozen dildo. Eh? Crazy? Yup, but still I did what he wanted me to do.

I was just wanted to go. Then I decided to make myself cum so that he would let me go. I focused and focused to make myself cum. In the end, I came and thought I was able to get myself out of all this. He then told me that he would only allow me to leave if I make him cum. He said the door and door grille were both locked of which only he knew where the keys were. I was his prisoner! Damn!

He told me that the only way that he will cum if I was to shit and pee on him. I told him I am not able to do so. He reminded me that I was to make him cum before he was to let me go. I negotiated to just pee on him as I was definitely not able to pass motion on top of anyone. He was ok with it. I stood up and put my whole mind and body to pee on him. In the end, I managed to pee on his chest and mouth. Amazingly, as soon as I pee on him, he came instantaneous. Thank god to that … I was so FUCKING disgusted!

After all that, he casually let me out.

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