Monday, June 26, 2006

Football month!

I was on a company trip to Singapore. We had a convention to attend and to meet up with potential clients in Singapore. It was a four days trip. Because it was a short trip and my company wanted to capitalised on our trip there, the management managed to cramp our schedule in the four days with the convention, meetings, cocktails and dinner appointments.

However, they forgotten the fact it was also the world football month! It is the World Cup! Of course, I never give a damn about because I would prefer Miss World competition myself. I thought this will not affect me at all but I was wrong.

I went to this business trip with a bunch of this bunch of my colleagues who are Pussy Lover Football Freaks. As I am straight acting and not totally out of the closet, I also had to pretend to be Pussy Lover Football Freak. Right after dinner, I had no choice but to be with them to watch the match. They were drinking beer by the jugs and had girls lap dancers to entertain us during half time. I had to pretend to enjoy the party but my heart yearns for some gorgeous hunk doing the lap dancing instead.

Having staying in the same hotel made it even worst. One night I decided to leave early but when the match was about to start they woke me up and asked me to joined them. This was 2.30 in the morning. I NEEDED my beauty sleep. Fucker!!!!!

You could not imagine how happy I was when I reached back home from the trip. I needed my sanity back from the trip. I opened a bottle of red wine, put on my Ella Fitzgerald CD and soaked myself in my aromatherapy bath.

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