Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Encounter 1

It all happened ten years ago. I was young and naïve. I was a young professional who had no life but work. I had had heard so much about the gay nightlife in KL and was all excited about the gay scene. One fine night, I braved the darkness and decided to go out to that very gay disco in the city centre that I heard so much. As I had no gay friend then, I had to go alone. Upon arriving at the disco, I was overwhelmed with the place and was impressed with drag show they put on. Unfortunately, I only was enjoying it all from the bar. I dare not let my hair-downed, as it was my first time there. Suddenly, I noticed that someone was looking in my direction. He was cute and in his late twenties. I looked behind me to check if he was looking at someone else behind me but no one was looking at him. I looked back at him and he was still looking at me. He was still smiling at me. I managed to crack a smile back to him. He stood up and walked toward my direction. I felt my heart beat so fast that I wanted to faint. He stretched his hand out and introduced himself to me. He was a smooth operator and I like him so much.

I invited him over to my apartment. He said yes. I was so happy that I came out that night and could not stop thinking that I was so lucky to meet this amazing guy.

We took the cab to my place. In the cab, he was so sweet holding my hand and squeezing it. I felt so shy with the driver. Upon arriving to my apartment, he said that he was thirst. I went back to the kitchen and pour drinks for both of us. Both of us were sitting in front of the TV set in the lounge area. I had my hand all over him but he suddenly became a chatterbox. All chat and no play. I tried to unzip him but he kept on pushing my hand away. I just let him chatted a bit more and …… zzzzzz

I realized that I was dozing off on the couch sleeping with my cloth on. I tried to remember what had happened. It was a bit fuzzy at first but after a short while, the whole incident came back to me. I stood up and went around looking for the guy. He was not around. I saw the front door was unlocked and I knew then that he had left. Then my instinct told me to check my wallet. My instinct was spot on! I checked my bedroom and he had gone through my stuff in the bedroom too.

Only then, I realized that he had spiked my drink. I am not sure when did he do it, but the fact is, DO NOT trust anyone that you bring back home for ONS!

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