Friday, June 09, 2006

Sexual Harassment

Nowadays, sexual harassment has been a typical topic discussed in the office environment. Constantly a media coverage in chat shows over TV and radio. However, the topic seems to assume that the kinder gender of the human race is always the victim. Well, horse shit it is!

I was given an opportunity to be a junior consultant at a consulting firm. I was excited of this job as this was my dream job. The pay is not great but the opportunity to rise is there. I scarified everything for this job.

At first, I was assigned to small projects to handle with only one man job for the whole projects. I put in long hours to prove my capability. As so I did! The management was impressed with my work and decided to absorb me into bigger projects. I was assigned to work with this senior consultant for this global job. I knew this was the chance to prove to myself that I can do it! But this was the beginning of my horror …..

The senior consultant is someone I have noticed for quite sometime. He is middle age, short, fat and has a flair for ugly dress sense. We bumped into one another before my assignment under him but we only casually said hi to one another. I kept my distance as I knew he was a screaming queen. I kept that to myself as I have no say to what he wants to be.

As soon as I was under his wings, he became so closed to me. He asked me a thousand and one personnel questions. He also found out that I was single and that was not from me. Apparently, he asked around the office about me. I could not care less as everything went ok with both of us. We work well together on the project.

After a few months under him, he found out that I play squash and he invited me to play with him. I had no choice but to oblige. We played squash at his condo and right after the game he invited me over to his place for a drink. I stupidly accepted the invitation and we went up to his apartment.

Before the game, it had been a long day work. Obviously, I was a bit exhausted from work and the game. I plunked myself in his plush sofa. He came with the drinks and he told me that I looked tired and tensed. He reached out for my shoulders and gave me a message. Again stupidly I just let him to do so. He came closer to me and started to breath on my neck. He then gave me a kiss behind my neck while trying to hug me. I was shocked! I jumped out of the sofa but I so speechless. I just looked at him. He just gave me a smile. I could not believe it that he was making a passed on me. Damn! All I could do was to excused myself and left.

I never discussed it about with him or anyone after that but ever since that incident, it had been hell at work. Somehow or rather there seems to be more work to be done. He assigned me with more tasks so that I had to work extra long working hours. And to make thing worst, he still made his passes on me but more obvious. I am so stressed out with datelines; and the physical and verbal harassment from this man!

What do I do to stop all this? If I were to make a formal complaint to the management, I would also pull myself into the dirt as it is not the usual man-girl situation. They might even find out that I am also gay, which I am not ready for. Oh god! Save me from this.


Tonny said...

ok this was just sad but i cannot stop laughing at you uncontrollably. YUCK! so how did that end?

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss, for once this might be of use here... I've been there.. and being fondled by the ass in the public in front of a woman is not my idea of a flirt but i brace it and i ignore it.. a week that "thing" does not happen again and i did saw the guy again and he asked; if he is not my type..lolz...