Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is Bigger Better? (The Story)

Being versatile gay, I am able to tell you both side of the story. But for now, I would tell you of me being a bottom. And also try to answer the important question that is frequently asked by all; ‘Is bigger better?’ I was first fucked at the tender age of 15 yrs old. I hated it so much but because I was so into dicks that I allowed boys to fuck me. It was painful and some of the boys were rough. Safe sex was never in the agenda and hence all type of lubrication was used. Whatever the choice of lubrication was, it was still none pleasurable for me then. Years later, in my early 20's, I met this mat salleh. He was the one who seduced me into the world of bottom. Being mid aged, he had the experience to let me explore the pleasure of being a bottom in great depth. I was not in love with him but sex was so amazing that I kept on going back to him for more fucks. That was the beginning of my liberation as I could enjoy sex with men to the fullest. Name your game and I am for it!

That was true until the day I met this beautiful black guy. We met in a gay pub. Built like a black stallion, he had curly longish hair and was wearing a thick v-neck sweater with blue jeans. About 6 ft 2, he towered over me when he spoke. He told me that he was studying at the local university, north of the city. He was doing his degree in psychology. Wow! Both looks and brain. I was so turned on.

Late into the night, he asked if I would be interested to come over to his place. I was waiting for him to ask that question the whole night and of course I said ‘yes’.

On the way to his place, he nicely said he wanted to fuck me. I smiled. After that he hesitantly asked if I mind big one. I grinned wider. Inside me I was overjoyed! I was thinking to myself of how lucky I was of having this beautiful black stallion with brains and big dong. I was grinning the whole way to his place.

Arriving at his apartment, I just wanted to dive straight into it but he was resisting every moment. We just kissed while he was trying to divert my hand away from his dong. Only after a few glasses of cheap wine and turning off the light, he pulled me closer to him and slowly revealed himself to me. I was too excited until I saw how big it was. My jaw just dropped. It was as big and long as an over fertilised brinjal! It was as big as a big bottle of ketchup.

I would have never thought that it was that big. He saw my shocked face, he quickly shy away to the other corner of the sofa and on back the lampshade. He tried to cup his enormous dong with both of his hands. He looked disappointed and rejected. I was still in shocked.

Only after awhile did I realized that he would have encountered the same problem with many others. He would have been, by then, psychologically affected from all his past experiences. I felt so sorry for him.

Everyone says that they like big one up the chocolate highway but when it comes to the real the real thing, they just freaked out!

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Tonny said...

So, did you get to have sex with him or not? Funny enough now i guess i could tell u i am black.. Though wondering what bar you met the brainy