Monday, May 08, 2006

Is Bigger Better? (The Study)

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a wide range of men. Probably you can spread a relatively large world atlas on the wall and then throw ten darts on it from a distance. The chances of me have had sex with a man from that region would be at least seven out of the ten darts. I am not here to brag but just to justify my stand in the issue ‘Is Bigger Better?’

Big dicks are fun generally but unfortunately, from my past experience very few of them have managed to satisfy me. The reasons being;

Of not knowing HOW to use it. Fucking is not just about poking the hole. Most of big dick owners would just shove their dick into the hole without actually thinking of the fuckee. They are too self-absorbed with their tool that they care less of their performance.

Not be able to have a HARD enough erection to perform. I notice this is especially true in men who had employed the pumping vacuum device to increase the size of their dicks. Mind you some of my encounters are still ih their early twenty's.

For cuming too FAST. Probably they rarely have the privilege of fucking. The mere entry of an ass would just make them cum.

WHITE ELEPHANT! Too big to handle. Just can’t blow nor get fucked by it.

I hereby declare that the bigger does not mean the better. So next time when you go on chat-line, don’t assume that someone with big dick will make you a happy boi.


Little Ms D said...

hahahhahahaha! you explorer you :)

Anonymous said...

Your writing is true... I love reading it .....