Friday, March 17, 2006

I did my BEST!

I had a relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, I was a bit spectical of the relationship. Me being the older one and he being the much younger one. I knew how it was to be young and free. I had my own fair share of experiences. I just did not believed that the relationship would work. But he insisted that it was what he wanted and convinced me that he was truly in love with me. I slowly fell for it and did fall in LOVE with him. This was so so easy for both of us as both of us share so much things in commom and also not forgetting we had wonderful love-making sessions.

I was so much in LOVE with him that I decided to give him my all for the relationship. I took the risk of introducing him to my family as my boyfriend and he was accepted, eventhough with great difficulty. He was the first boyfriend that I ever declared to my whole family. I just wanted him to be part of my family.

When any occasion arised, I made sure that I gave him a gift, however big or small it is. I knew I could not just cherished him with gifts, I then decided to give him what he wanted the most, his dream. I had to halt my own dream for him and adopt his dream as my dream. It was hard for both of us as the dream involved intricate power of persuation from many parties and many months of full-time work to materialise it. We finally materialised him dream and I was so happy for him. I thought I had won him heart totally to infinity and beyond.

But as time became my witness, this was not true. Being young, he knew he had better opportunity with new encounters. He just felt he should kept his options open till the time is right. Of course, I was not happy with it. We broke off.

We still meet up occationally and because I was still very much in love with him, I asked him if there is any other improvement that I could do for him to come back to me and be faithful. He told me that he wanted a beautiful body boyfriend.

And that is was I did, a new body! My new daily routine was to making sure that I was on a very strict diet and went to the gym regularly with extensive workout to tone down and shape up, all in the name of him. I must say I did acheived my goal.

I then arranged for a date with him just to show off my new body and was hoping that he would change his mind. Before meeting him, I made sure that I dressed up to emphasise my new change. We did meet up and he did realise my new body. I asked him if he like the new me and he then told me that he did not like men who are too buff up. What the FUCK!!!!

I guess I did my best but my best was not good enough.


lil ms d said...

and i thot i had weird dates...
weh lothario, we must mandi bunga!

Tonny said...

awww.... this reminds me of something i went through.. sorry sayang ( i am not even any close to being asian just so you know)