Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Day

It was all over the media. One can't ignore it even if one tried to do so. It was the St. Valentine Day itself.

So many had woo their love one on this day. Ordered roses, bought expensive chocolates, dined at fine restaurants and some proposed marriage on this romantic day. This is regardless of straight relationship or gay relationship, they all want to celebrate this V day.

But I have a funny story to tell.

I wanted to surprise my hansome potential boyfriend on this Valentine day. He is so my type and I wanted it to be perfect for him. It was planned that this is the nite I wanted to ask him formally for a long-term-relationship. I had made booking at a beautiful Italian restaurant. It was expensive but I was sure that it will worth every penny that I spent on it. I also bought red roses and a small box of expensive chocolate for him. I was so excited for the night to come.

I told him to meet at the city centre as the restaurant was walking distance from our meeting point. He knew we were on a Valentine date but he thought we were just going to have a simple dinner at the cafe around that area. When I met him, i gave him the roses and the chocolate. He was so embarassed as we were in the public. I swear his face nearly went red. Damn! That was a bad move. But he was nice enough to hide his embarassment and managed to pull a smile for me.

We then walked pass the cafes there. He asked me if we were having dinner or not, and I told him I have made a reservation at a restaurant a bit further down the road. He was OK with it. At the restaurant, we were ushed to our table. It was a none smoking table and hence it was in the centre of the restaurant. A table set for two with candle lights. A romantic setting but as we sit down we realised everyone was staring at us. Even the waiters were grinning at us. We were the only boy-date-boy in the centre of the restaurant and the other tables were all boy-date-girl. We were the centre of attention. My boy friend was so so embarassed now and he went red all the way. Damn again!

We had to finish our dinner quickly and had to leave the restaurant before dessert. We went out of the restaurant so fast that I did not managed to propose to him of the long-term-relationship with me. Damn again and again!

Man ... my romantic plan gone wrong and my wallet gone burst!

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lil ms d said...

you should have joined auntie rubie and me...