Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blew my mind

I remember when I was young and love loitering around public toilets for a quicky. I'm sure so many had their own story for toilet adventures but I just thought I have to share this one.

There was this public toilet at a bus station that was cruisy and I frequent the place when I was young. There were always some horny bastards there. On that particular day, there was this ok looking middle age malay chap who tried to catch my attention. He went into the cubicle and gave me the indication to follow him in. I was so so so horny and that I did. When both of us were in the cubicle, he was already on his knees and was ready to give me a blow job. I whipped out my dick and let him have it.

WOW! Blew my mind away. Best blow I ever had. It was so good that I cum so fast. I just was so trilled until he but back his whole set of false teeth back into his month!!!!!! Oh my god! The guy was toothless ........ YUCK!


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Tonny said...

ok as usual i am laughing at you real hard but EWWWW this is wrong!