Thursday, August 09, 2007

Weekend in Bangkok

I spent the weekend in Bangkok with my family. My mom, my sister, 2 brothers and meself planned this trip for a long while. Initially, I thought it would be a totally family trip but later decided to stay a day longer for my fun ;- )

I arrived on Friday night but the rest of my family took the earlier fight on that same day. I had only one hand luggage and family asked me to meet them at Silom Center for dinner straight from the airport. We went around the mall after our meal and by time we were done, I so tired. We walked back to our hotel which was apparently very closed by. Approaching the hotel, to my surprise, I notice that our hotel was next to a gay sauna, Sauna Mania! That is so damn kewl!

The next day the whole family went shopping and dinner at Chao Pharaya. We got back to the hotel at 11pm and everyone was so tired. But that was a Saturday night and I just had to go out that night. After a short rest, I pull all my strength together and went out alone.

I went to DJ Station but I felt it was too much for me as I was tired. I only managed to stay there for an hour or so. After DJ Station, I headed to Sauna Mania. The sauna was simple and pleasant in deco. The main patronage of the sauna are young executive Thais. On Saturday, it is an underwear night. They give the patron a very small towel and the patron are to only wear their underwear or swim trunk, if they came well prepared.

My first Thai encounter was on the roof top. The roof top was covered with potted plant hedges that was designed to created a green maze. He was in one of the green chamber, sitting on a deck chair. As he saw me entering the chamber, he gave me the sexy look while playing with himself. I was so turned on. He has this beautiful gym bod and very cute Thai feature. I sat on the stool next to him and he reached out to me and started to play with me. He pulled down my boxer and playing with me. However, the green chamber does have door a and the rest of the patrons kept popping in and out while he was blowing me. A few even decided to joined but they were an ugly lot and both of us was not interested at all. After being harassed so many time, he took my hand and lead me to the proper cubicle two floors down. As usual, these cubicles are well prepared for intimacy. He was a good fuck. Our session lasted for quite awhile with no conversation involved. After finishing, while he was wiping himself, he spoke to me in Thai. Obviously, I did not know any Thai and only then did he realise that I was not Thai. As for him, he did not speak English that much. Both of us was slightly disappointed but heck it, I had my fun. We left the cubicle and both of us went separate ways. He went to the shower and and went back up to the roof top. Half an hour later he came back up to the roof top looking for me. He had a piece of paper in his hand with his number on it. I was obliged to take the piece of paper but what was the whole point if we just could not communicate at all!

After my first encounter left, another Thai boy walked in the chamber where I was sitting. He took an instant liking for me and went straight down on his knee and blew me off then and there. One Thai hunk came few minutes later and wanted to join in the fun. The Thai hunk thought that he was a-god-send-from-heaven for gay gay. He practically shoving his dick into my direction and the Thai boy. He expected both of us servicing him. I was quite annoyed with him. However hunk you are, you need to think the needs of others too. I just left the chamber, leaving the hunk and the boy going for it.

I sat on a day bed at the open space and fell asleep immediately. An hour later, an middle age Thai was fondling me. I took his hand and politely declined him. I went back to sleep right after. About half an hour later another elderly Thai was groping me. I knew then that I had to move away before more to come.

I went to the dark room on the 1st floor. Apart from the maze they have created here, they had also laid out a big mattress in the corner of the dark room. When I first arrived at the sauna, I have checked the area but nothing was going on the mattress area. But at 4 in the morning, there was a orgy going on there. To my delight, one of the guys, who was at the corner of the mattress, pulled me into the scene. At first I was at the corner of the mattress and then slowly, I was pulled right into the centre of the orgy. It was like the scene from Caligula!

After the reenactment of Caligula, I walked through maze towards the exit. I realised that as it was nearer to the closing time, everyone was more desperate to hook up and had to materise their purpose there. Everyone was going at anyone in the dark room. I went back up to the roof top and that it was also the same case. Next time I know that if I have no catch at all during my visit, I'll make sure I'll stay on to the closing time for the 'discount sales'.

I got back to the hotel at 5am and my mom had just woke up for her morning prayer. I managed to get 4 hours sleep before my mom woke me up to join the family for another shopping excursion. After lunch, they left for the airport as had one extra day for my fun alone. I checked into Babylon lodging.

My room in Babylon was two single bed room. As soon as I have arrived in my room, I tried to contact my Thai friend who I met on my last visit. I wanted to give my friend the extra coupon I had for Babylon sauna. As there was no coverage on my phone and I had to go out of my room to the corridor to look for some coverage. As I was doing so, a Chinese guy was coming out of his room and instantly, we both took a fancy on each other. I went back to my room and he followed me into my room. We had a quickie. After he left, I decided to go Silom road to get some last minute shopping. I sent a sms to my friend on the way there. My friend called me when I was at Silom road and he later picked me up at one of the mall where we first met.

We went back to Babylon. There was a party at Babylon sauna, which was hosted by a local gay magazine. The entry was B300 and ironically I thought to myself that I managed to get a B600 for the free coupons. Whatever!

The party was wild. They had free drinks and finger food. There was also continuous performance by few different drag companies. Most importantly, there were so many type of men there. My Thai friend told me that it was quite a big crowd for Sunday. That night I had one Singaporean, one Arab and one Mat Salleh. Me and my friend left the sauna at around 10pm and the party was still going on. We were too hungry to care any more. We had late dinner at a nice Thai restaurant not far away. When I got back to Babylon lodging, I barely could open my eyes. I slept in my cloth!

The next morning, I woke up at 5am. I had to check out by 730am but it was too early to get ready. However, nature called and I had to go to the toilet. In the lodging, we share the toilet and the shower room. It was designed for cruising. As I was coming out from the toilet cubicle, a cute mature Mat Salleh was brushing his teeth at the sink. As I was leaving the toilet, he was sizing me up. I rushed back to my room and quickly took my toiletries for my shower. I dashed backed to the shower room and as I had expected, he was waiting in the shower room with an erection. Obviously, I went for it. It was a damn good morning sex.

I checked out of the lodging and left for the airport on time. My checking in at the airport went smoothly. I had plenty of time to kill at the duty free. I was walking slowly and going through each and every one of the shop that was to offer along to my departure gate. After coffee, I decided to go to the toilet before my flight. When I was in the toilet, I notice a nice cute Thai boy in a uniform who was obviously working in one of the shops at the duty free. He was already at the sink when I got in. He stayed on at the sink pretending looking at himself in the mirror until I was done. I was dead sure that he was cruising me. I had only half an hour to my flight time. I walked out of the toilet, he followed me out. He gave me the indication to follow him which I did. At the shop he was working, he braved himself and approached me. He told me that his off time was in 15min and he can take me to a quite place in the airport for a quickie. Of course I had to reject as my flight was in 15min time. He took a small receipt and wrote him number on it. He said the next time if I'm in Bangkok, to give him a ring.

I realised that I had only 10min to rushed to my gate. I had to run to the gate and was the last one at the gate. The plane took off immediately I got into the plane.


Zainudin Johari said...

Dear Shaq,
Your entry entitled "Weekend in Bangkok" was interesting and informative. Hopefully useful as I will be traveling to Bangkok next August with a Female British Friend whom I have known for years. We have no sexual relationship but more of enjoying each other presence and passion in traveling.
I also enjoy reading about your entry entitled " My Amazing race ( The Backpack Tour)". I am not sure whether we are going the way you did that is by bus to Hattyai and then the train to Bangkok. Or should we take a flight to Bangkok.
Anyway, your virgin trip to Bangkok will be our guide when we are there.
Thanks. Bye

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