Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blanket to a Child

Have you ever played with your blanket when you were a child? That was the question that I asked my friends over a dinner party and I got many different answers. A few answered, 'Superman!'. Another answered, 'Zorro!'. 'Made a tent out of it', was also one of the them. I also had, 'mom don't let us play with our blanket.' Poor souls.

They asked me the same question. My answer was ....
'Similar to Superman but instead the blanket goes under my armpit and tied at the back of my neck. Viola! It was wrap around sarong ..... I was in drag.'

My other PLU friends got excited with my answer and told us that when he was a child, he had his blanket made into a tunic fit of an Egyptian queen based on a TV series super heroin in the the early 80's, The Mighty Isis! He even had his younger brothers to become his slaves to complete his play fantasy.

Amazingly, with just a piece of material you would be able to tell the child's potential sexual orientation.

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