Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I had been chatting with this young chap on the net. Roy seem to the butch type being 5 ft 11 and a rugby player. He communicated well in English and seemed to be worldly in knowledge. I was very impressed. The only thing that stop us from meeting up was he was living in Sarawak and I was in KL.

Then came the time when he said that he was coming to KL. I was so excited. He told me that he would be staying at his friend's apartment and invited me to come over. When he was in KL, he gave me the address and asked me to come around lunch time. He said his friend would be at work and we would have the whole place to ourself. I was obliged.

As I arrived at the apartment block, I remembered that I also have a friend who was staying in the same block. I did not remember the unit number but I knew where the unit was. As I was slowly tracing the number that Roy gave me, I came to realised that the unit that Roy gave me was the same unit that my friend was stay. Damn! I knock on the door and I saw Roy for the first time. He was much better looking than his picture on the net. I walked in, he grabbed me and had sex right away at the sitting area. After sex, I told him that I knew his friend that owned that apartment. Only then he confessed that he came to KL to also see him as a potential boy friend. I was shocked and I told him that I did not think that it was a good idea that I was seeing him again. He told me that he enjoyed my company and he wanted me to bring him around KL because his (my) friend was working during the day. I agreed to this as the thought of seeing him again just turned me on because of the potential of having sex with him again.

I invited him over to my place instead. He asked me if my place was air-conditioned. I told him that it was not and he told me that he was not able to be at a non air-conditioned place as he sweats a lot. We scraped that idea.

We finally agreed that we were to watch a movie the following day. I told him that I will meet him at the cinema of not wanted to risk of being seen at the friend's apartment. Roy told me he was not able to make his own way to the cinema. I asked him to take the cab and the cab drive would know where the cinema was. He said he could not trust cab driver and insisted that I should pick him up from the apartment. I was stupid enough to agree to this.

After movie and dinner, he wanted to walked about the shopping complex. He said that it was still to early to go back as his (my) friend was coming home late that night. We went into a sport shop and he saw a Nike t-shirt to his liking. He wanted me to buy it for him because he told me that he did not bring enough shirt to KL. He needed a new t-shirt to go out the next night. What the fuck?! I had spent on him for the movie and the nice dinner, now he wanted me to buy him the expensive t-shirt. I just had enough! I told him that I had not enough cash on me then and told him that I was also late for my coffee appointment with friends. I put him in a cab, told the cab driver where the apartment was, give Roy the cab money and bit my farewell forever!

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