Sunday, April 15, 2007

Young Again

It is amazing when men fall in love; they are just like a kid with a new toy. So true like that phrase goes, ‘in every man there is a child in him’. The least thing that you expect him to do is the one thing that he will do.

After going steady and attached for more that 8 years, for both partners everything is predictable, going work to work, coming back from work, seeing friends on the weekend, going to the gym, grocery shopping and the occasional vacation trips. One would imagine that he will be able to judge his ‘lifetime’ partner’s character. But this would be true if there is no intervention from a new love interest for his partner.

After finding out that he could be love by another man, he suddenly found the youth to do the things that he would never like before. He has found the energy and the interest to stay up all night clubbing with his new love interest. Before this, he would be the first one who would want to leave the club. Dressed in blink-blink super tight t-shirt, which he would not be caught in before, was a great change altogether.

Going off to impromptu vacation trip with the new boy friend, was a major shocker. In the olden days, he would plan the entire trip’s itinerary meticulously and was very concern about the budget. This usually took months of planning for one vacation. Now for his new sayang, everything was done last minute.

Out of character, one might say but I guess a man can never really grow up when they are in love. They just become the child again and relive his life again.

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