Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Encounter 2

I have been admiring this cute Chinese guy for some time. I have seen him around town, clubs and also at my usual hangout place in Bangsar.

One Sunday, I saw him with one of my friend at MPH Bangsar. I went up to my friend and ask if this boy was going out with him. My friend explained that he was just a friend and I asked him to introduce me to the Chinese guy. After the introduction, all three of us went out for coffee and that was where we exchanged number.

The whole week I was thinking of him. We were calling each other and I thought that we have so much in common. Naturally, I asked him out the following Saturday and he accepted it.

Saturday came and I was all excited. I picked him up and we went to a nice cozy Japanese restaurant. We were flirting with each other the whole night and the waitresses were noticing it too. I did not care at all.

After dinner, he invited me to stay over at his place. I was overjoyed. As soon as we were in his apartment, we went straight to his bed for sex. After we were done, I took out my cigarette to smoke. He slowly moved out of the bed and went to his CD player. I thought he just wanted to hear some music. He had Ziana Zain on. He turned to me and was holding the remote control in his hand like a microphone. He then started lip sinking to the song. Oh my god! He was doing a DRAG show! I was dumbfounded. My jaw just dropped. I was speechless!

If I wanted a women, might as well I get the real one! Of course after that incident, I decided not to see him again.

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