Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cruel to be kind

It is amazing how difficult it is to hook up with someone for a date. But I found it is more difficult to un-hook oneself from it. How do one tell that person that one do not want to do anything that the person any more?

He is a nice guy and all but definitely not my type! What reason do I tell him for him to stop the sms-es and calls throughout the day till wee hour of the morning? One fact for sure is that I never uttered a word on me missing him and yet he goes on and on and on and on. Damn! What I got myself into. The word sayang (darling) is forever in his sms.

Earlier before dating, I told him that I was already in a relationship and he was the few men I was seeing on the side. He was ok with it as long as he get to see me once in while. We went dating a few time and I knew it was not working. I then told him that my boyfriend found out and I need to patch the relationship. He said he understood but he said he will wait for me still. I said I will not be calling or sms him any more but he will wait. Obviously, ignoring the calls and sms-es was the best remedy. But he assumed that I was too busy with my boyfriend and he would wait FOREVER! He stills sms .... oh my gowd!

I think I have to just hurt his feeling. I have to be cruel to be kind!

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lil ms d said...

darling this is why we are friends. had to do the cruel to be kind thing last night. had to conjure a boyfriend at the last mo. haiyo siao lah men. lepas tu kena marah and perli. hello, these men should get used to being rejected after rejecting us for so long.