Sunday, November 20, 2005

Never Enough

It is irony how one can never get enough.

When you were young and beautiful, everyone wanted a piece of you. You were on top of the world. With a snap of your fingers, many came to you. Then you decided that, I must find one BEST of the best among these homo-kesians. You made your choice and you allow yourself to fall in love with this rather ok looking much much older man who can affort your life style. Then he suggest moving-in with him and to live the life of a Tai Tai (everything from car to daily expenses). You become the green-eyed boy among your peers. (Yes! My life is great!)

Many years later, ur Lo Kong (husband) getting too old. Sex is getting lesser and lesser (or none at all). U decided to look for fun here and there. An open relationship lah as long no one gets hurt. New adventure with new age group of young boys. Then, one fine day, a cute charming boy came into your life. At first mere sex, then u wanted to see him more that once. After that, deeply falling in love with this sweet young thing. Everything is BEAUTIFUL with him.

Now what?!! You still attached to ur Lo Kong (and depended on him) but deeply in love with this sweet young thing.

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