Monday, December 12, 2005

Single & Free Again

I have been in a relationship with this man for more than 2 years. He was older and professional. We seemed to make a nice couple. Both independent and all. We just needed each other for companionship. We stayed at our own place and never made plan to stay together. My work seemed to be taking over for the past months. He has his own set of problems. We meet less and less. I wanted full sex and he is too tired to have them. So, to cut the story short, we broke off a month ago.

Hu hu ... single again! I have this fanatasy that I could pick up man from any where and have my little fun. But still my work is piling up. Going out on the weekend seems to be more difficult. Weekdays seems a no no. How the hell do u think I can get a fuck?

I decided to heck it and force myself to go to a gay club. My friend was so happy to bring me along. We dance and dance and dance. Till I met this cute Kelantanese boy. Yup, lets go for the kill.

We exchange numbers. I thot I'll call him the next day. After club, me and my friend decided to to have teh tarik. But quite horny, I decided to give him a call. Offered him a ride home if he needed it. He said yes. YES!

After sending my friend home, I can't wait to get into the Kelatanese boy's pants. Don't know what happened, suddenly, someone bang my car from the rear at the traffic light. Damn! I was furious. When out and spoke to the culprit and his girlfriend. He gave me his mobile number and his IC no. I tried to call his phone but he said that he left his phone at home. He gave his girlfriend's no. instead. I called and her phone did rang. He told me that he will pay for the damage and i was happy with that. I don't want the boy to wait all nite, right?!

As I sent the boy back, I was already getting so horny. Managed to caress him. He asked me if I was interested in ONS or LTR. What?! I told him that ONS than we'll see lah. He was not happy with it. I just want SEX. He did brought me up and had sex, if what we did is call sex, and I did not come at all. I was so tired and decided to stay till the morning.

Early morning, there was loud bang in the living. Someone seems to to be going like a mad cow outside the room. I asked the boy if he has a boyfriend, he said,`someone who thot he is and probably is not happy that u with me now'. What the fuck!!!!!! What shit I'm in, man!

I was so afraid that he might bashed the hell out of me. The other seems to got out of the house with a big bang of the door. We waited for a short while and I rushed out the house. Thank god nothing happened.

I was still not in the right frame of mind when I remember my car. I call the guy and he did not pick his phone. Tried to call the girlfriend's mobile. She picked it up but off the phone after. Damn! I think I been conned.

The Kelantanese boy called and said he needed help. He can't handle the other boy. What does that got to do it me! Through out the day he tried to sms me and call.

My car is ruined and I got this boy on my back. I just wanted fun. I don't need all this shit man! No more clubbing for me for the next few months!


Chaichakri said...

Very nice entry! The only drawback is that you only have only three postings! How sad! I wish there were more postings of yours to read.. hee hee!

You do seem like a very nice guy... Chaiyo!

Cheer Entertainment said...

hmmm sir when r u updating again?

lil ms d said...

aiyo princess how did this happen? :) you lead an adventurous life!