Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Beginning

Have been thinking of starting a blog myself. Have not actually got myself doing so until today. After getting enough inspiration from my boifriend, I decided to do so.

What do I want to write about? That is the question that I ask myself. Is it about my everyday life adventure and fantasies or about some philosophical analysis of life? Don't mind writing about my life but I'll leave this to later and about trying to be intelligent about life is another thing. Neither, I guess.

Before I go on, permit me to write a little thing about myself. I am a gay boi myself. Have been one since I remember. Born in Brunei, brought up in Kuching, studied in ITM Melaka, ITM Segamat, Nottingham Poly and Emily Woolfe of London. Started off as an accountant and now decided to give it a try in the theatre world as a producer. Had produced 2 major productions at Actor Studios and few smaller ones. But till to date, my life have been evolved around me being gay and am always intrigued by life as a gay boi. Over the years I have been collecting stories of gay boiz around me and their FRUSTRATION in life (and also mine of course).

Hence, I decided to write about my gay friends' frustration life. I have been fortunate enough to have many gay friends from my childhood till now. Most of them has their own story (or stories) to tell. I find it most exciting and I do want to share these stories with all who wants to know about gay boi life as just for knowledge or as a mirror to compare with.

I have also decided that my blog will not have a time reference. My blog may be read any at period of my posting. It will be according to my inspiration of writing on any of my friend who comes to my thought. I will try to not give my friends' identity but if you happened to identify yourself in my writing, then i do apologise for telling your story.

Hope this will be my new beginning of my writing.

Do also hope that someone would enjoy my writing.

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