Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Man

I see the man who makes me happy
Accepting who I am
without fear
without condition
without wanting to change me
Giving himself without demands

the man whose dream will also be mine
For this I share
without time
without boundaries
without care of what they say
Total surrender without regret

the man who I will cherish
My precious gem
without the glitz
without being glamorous
without trying too hard to try
I stand tall without humility

the man who I will be sincere to
Living the life
without lies
without the drama
without all the empty promises
My true self without the veil

the man who I fell in love with
Captured my heart
without a doubt
without any hesitation
without others to intervene
But here I am without him


jerry maguire, jr. said...

sweet words!

Anonymous said...

hai shaq....nice poem. really came from u?? emmmm surprised me more.

Anonymous said...

hey shaq, am going to be relocated to brunei soon... any contact there? appreciate if you could drop me an email at Thanks

Anonymous said...

Shaq,I love love love your blog!! it is so informative and interesting and i actually backtracked all your entries to when you first started! :)
btw, Brunei is as you mentioned hehe. I live here so I oughta know. anytime you are down here, jst gimme a holler.