Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am Whorified

Have you experienced all avenue of satisfying your sexual adventure? Recently few of my friends have paid for sex. I am not sure was it because of their insecurity of their aging look to woo good looking men for sex or plainly their just can afford to do so. There is no attachment and you get your choice men to have sex with. What a cool deal I thought it was.

I was adamant to try this avenue of pleasure. A close friend of mine gladly directed me to the nearest brothel for manwhore around our area. The setup was at an old shop lot located at a very obscure corner of my township. As usual, I was oblivious of such place ever exit around my very own township. The establishment was on the second and third floor of the shop lot. Upon arriving there, I notice that it has no signage on it. How does one do business without business signage? Well, I guess it is all about word of mouth or maybe through the internet. I thought to myself that I’ll try to Google it later to check if it is on the internet but as for now I was all too excited for this new adventure.

The establishment had a typical brothel ambience to it, minimal cheap deco with dim lighting and was quite clean. They even had some scented candle burning. At the reception, an elderly Chinese man welcomed me with a big toothless smile. He offered me a cup of Chinese tea and then took out an album. I noticed that it was very thick album.

“Lu mau Melayu, Cina, India, Phillippino, Olang Putih atau Negro?”

“Wah! Lu ada semua kah?” I was at that point of time blushing.

“Lu cakap saja lah. Kita olang mesti ada punya. Lu boleh tengok itu album dulu lo.”

The whole discussion made me shy about it and so I decided to just flip through the album. The old Chinese was hovering me like a hawk. He was trying to study me while I was going through the album. If I spent more that 5 seconds on a page, the old man offered a comment on the manwhore.

“Itu Melayu pandai urut. Manyak bagus oh.”

“Dia baru sampai dari China. Manyak muda. Dia belajar di Universiti.”

“Itu Negro banyak besar. Lamai orang suka sama dia oh. Customer banyak booking dia.”

I have to say that the establishment did have a wide selection of men to offer. All of them were good looking and I did not know which one to choose. In the end, my selection was between a Malay boy from Trengganu and a Pakistani. Unfortunately my final choice was made was based on availability. The Malay boy was already with a client and the only available was the Pakistani.

After the ordeal of selection, I was showed to the room. The room had a double bed with PVC mattress, a small dim wall lighting, hanger for your clothing, a shared air-cond with the next room and a small shower cubicle. It had a sliding door to minimised space. Towels were already folded on the bed.

I was not sure of what to do. I just sat on the bed and waited for my manwhore. As the sliding door opened, I was getting more nervous. He walked into the room in a singlet and super short shorts. My eyes were feasting on his biceps and his very apparent huge bulge. I was in a dream world. He smiled at me. What a beautiful smile he had. A truly Adonis and he was all mine!

“Would you like me to help you with a shower?” he asked.

“Eh? Was I smelly”, I thought. He took off his top and went over to the bed. He unbuttoned my shirt while breathing over my neck. Nice! He took off my shirt and hanged it on the hanger. He pulled me to the shower area and undid my trousers. He turned on the shower and check for the temperature. My little brother was showing sign of excitement already. He stripped off his shorts and stepped into the shower while reaching out for me to follow him. Naturally, I did not hesitate. I can’t help noticing his beautiful big dick. He refused me touching his in the shower. Bloody teaser! He pushed me to the wall and soaped every inch of me. I enjoyed the pampering.

After shower, he towel dried me and lay me on the bed. I felt so lucky to have this sexy man with me. He pressed me on the bed and kissed me on the neck. He reached down to my nipples and further down to my brother. I was unable to restrain myself to get hold of his dick. I pushed him down to the bed and went straight to his dick. I blew him off ...

And guess what? He bloody CAME! It was only ONE bloody minute and he came! What sort of a manwhore is that? I thought I was the one who needed to be satisfied. Instead he came and I was left with a placid dick! The more annoying thing is that he did offer helping me to come after that. All he did was cleaned himself, bid goodbye and left the room. WTF! Was he the whore or was I whore?

What a F*%#ing WHORIFIED experience!


Anonymous said...

mind mentioning the location of the place?

Anonymous said...

so how much u pay him??

Anonymous said...

let me know the place: hltey2020@gmail.com

Zak said...

I know the point of your wickedly cool story was probably not to solicit enquiries about the manwhorehouse ... but anyway, if you could, I'd love to know how to find the place.
Fab blog, by the way!


tank said...

haha... poor u..

Anonymous said...

where is the location?mail me at sukahitam@yahoo.com.my

Anonymous said...

love your blog...very honest and very gay....your stories superb n it happened to me also...
"never judge a cock by its's size" sometimes it fails to perform and satisfy From Punjabi Lover

Anonymous said...

pls let me know the place : jamesang01@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi shq. would appreciate if u could give more info on the place. thanks.


Anonymous said...

location info..plis

escured20 said...

can i know the place - escured20@yahoo.com

Tonny said...

please email me the place buffytease@yahoo.com

Though i do love the article