Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Bangkok maybe the Mecca for gay holiday destination in South East Asia but Kuala Lumpur does have its own to offer. This was enlightened to me by my Phillipino friend who has been residing in Singapore. He told me that he was bored with Singapore and needed a quick get-away trip. Kuala Lumpur was his choice as it is not too far away and does offer him want he seeks. His itinerary was;

Thursday afternoon: Arriving KL & Massage at Sempurna Avenue
Thursday evening: Cruising at Tasik Permaisuri
Friday Morning: Gym at California Fitness, Midvalley
Friday Afternoon: Sauna at Chakran
Friday Evening: Clubbing at La Queen
Saturday Morning: Hangover
Saturday Afternoon: Sauna at Otot-Otot
Saturday Night: Clubbing at Market Place
Sunday Morning: Departure

Of course I do know all these places but never in my wildest dream that Kuala Lumpur can be a pink money holiday destination.

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