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I have known myself as being gay since I could remember. Even though I had had a period in my life where I wanted to find out if I could convert to become straight or at least bisexual but that period was long gone. What a relief! However, I do love stories about how ‘straight’ men fully embraced the vibrant life of homosexual. These are what I called the His-story. Throughout their adolescence life and even into their adult life they had known to be heterosexual and living the heterosexual life but with only one incident (probably by one blow job by some dude at some public toilet) converted him totally to become homosexual. After years’ worth of collections, I have selected these two stories which, I think are worth telling.

An officer of PDRM who is thirty something and married was sent to a course at a hotel. He was sharing room with his superior but of different division from the same branch. This superior has been nice to him before and our officer was happy to share the room with him.

On the second night, after a long day on the course, the officer was complaining that he was having a stiff neck. The superior offered him a neck rub but the officer declined because he thought that it was inappropriate to trouble a higher ranking officer.

On the third day, our officer’s stiff neck had gotten worst and he could not move his neck properly. The superior notice it and told him that he has some ointment to reduce the neck pain. He instructed our officer to lie face down. Our officer was only in his sarong and was topless then. With the superior sitting on his back rubbing his neck, our officer felt that the superior was slow getting an erection. Our officer did not want to offend his superior and said nothing but by this time the superior was already working downwards to his arse. Our officer wanted to decline but somehow he enjoyed what the superior was doing. The superior undid our officer’s sarong and the rest after that was his-story.

The other story is about a boy whose marriage was arranged. Both of the parents subsequently introduced their child to one another. The boy took an instant liking with the gal and more importantly he got along with the gal’s family. Every time before he took her out for a date, he spent a fair time chatting with her father. Her father and the boy got along famously.

After 3 months into the marriage, wifefy and his mother-in-law had to visit one of their relative in another village which, the travelling time itself took four hours. He and his father-in-law were left alone at home watching a football game. They had cans of beer and packs of tit-bits ready for the game. It was not even half time when the father-in-law was getting overly physical with him. The boy was by then too pissed that he just let his father-in-law to do so and one thing led to another ... violá another book of his-story was written. This repeated over a few more occasions before the boy felt guilty and divorced wifey. He then left for the city to become a true blue gay boy.

These two tops all the stories that I have collected on the subject because I think they are just two most unlikely stories you hear; a matured police officer who was seduced by his older superior and an arranged marriage because the father-in-law fancied him sexually. But of course, whatever his-story they have, we gay men welcome them with open legs.

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