Monday, April 21, 2008

Aquarian Lover

I was sitting alone at my condo’s cafe when he arrived in his tight t-shirt and short. He had the just-came-out-of-shower look and looked so damn cute. I casually said hi to him and he smiled at me. I asked him if he would like to join me at my table. He happily accepted the offer and plonked himself into the seat in front of me. As you might have guessed, I have the hot for him since the day I laid eyes on him. Even though we are neighbours, I never took the courage to really speak with him. We only managed to say hi if we bumped into one another in the cafe, convenient shop or at the pool before I went cold feet.

But today, I plucked up my courage and was determined to have a proper conversation with him. It started up quite general and it got more and more personal. I was so happy because he was so friendly and nice to chat with. Suddenly the bomb exploded in my face. He told me he was an Aquarian!

Ha ha ha ....Another Aquarian! Why god? Why does he have to be another Aquarian? There eleven more star signs and yet the one that I fancy have to be an Aquarian. Two of my ex-es were Aquarian, many of my flings were Aquarians and even my good good friend is an Aquarian! Please don’t get me wrong. I am not an Aquarian hater but I do wish I can get out of this curse of being attracted to Aquarian. Generally they are nice people but seriously, I think I have had enough of them for lover. To explain myself, I googled the internet to describe them in as a lover;

They approach love with their head, are turned on by mental stimulation, and seek to experience a mind-meld with a lover. They can be fickle, flirtatious, indecisive and double-dealing, and they prefer affairs to commitments, but they could vow loyalty if they meet a compatible communicator with a sunny disposition who's glamorous, noble and ardent.

I think the ‘... fickle, flirtatious, indecisive and double-dealing ...’ bit explains why I have problems with Aquarian lovers. Or probably I’m not glamorous, noble and ardent enough for my ex-es.

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lil ms d said...

Big is Aquarian too. agree with the assessment. now, am i glamorous, noble and ardent?

actually right now i feel like whacking him with a frying pan. i so am gonna have an affair with another man.