Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paris, Je T'aime

This is my version of the movie Paris, Je T’aime.

Few years ago, I had a job in Paris for Tourism Malaysia for 10 days in the month of February, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The first 3 days of the trip was so cold but after that the sun made its way and spring came.

On the last day, we had the whole day to ourselves. I decided to walk the city. This was my second trip to Paris and I wanted to see the non tourist place. I wanted to go to a park. After checking the map, the nearest park from where I was staying was a park located on the north western part of Paris.

I was so happy at the park with flowers were blooming everywhere and Daffodils were in wide range of colours. Parisians were looking so happy with their family, lovers, friends and dogs. Most of them had their picnic baskets with them and playing Frisbee, football or just reading books.

I was doing my sketching with my baguette sandwich on the side, sitting under a willow tree overlooking a family playing soccer, when someone spoke to me in French. I turned around and saw him. He had these soft beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair and an amazing smile. With my limited French, I told him that I speak very very little French. I asked him if he speaks English and he straight away spoke English with the sexy French accent. He asked me if I was art student. I told him that it was just a hobby. He said that is a nice hobby to do on a nice day. He then introduced himself. His name was Francois a student at a local university somewhere in Paris doing a degree in writing. We then chatted about everything under the sky for more than 2 hours and both of us managed to come out to each other and also shown a keen interest in one another. He then took me for a stroll around the park.

He showed me the playground, the eateries, the lake, the lawn bowl game with old folk and we ended up at the woods part of the park. It was at the woods that he held my hand. I was shocked. I told him that it was broad day light and he was quite daring. He explained that that part of the park was a cruising area. Only then did I realise that there were other men cruising in between the trees. Cruising in the Park in the broad day light! Wow! Paris, je t’aime! We happily walked hand-in-hand while kissing each other in the wood. I invited him back to my hotel and he accepted my invitation. Back at the hotel, we made out passionately overlooking a fully pink blossom Sakura tree outside my hotel window.

My last day in Paris and it was so so sweet!

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Paris, here I cum!!