Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man In Uniform

Recently, this picture was sent to me for a laugh but it reminds me of my own personal experience a few years ago. I was at the airport and was about to fly back to K.L. As usual all passengers have to go through stringent security. At the metal detector, I removed everything on me that was metal and put in my bag to be examined under the x-ray. Unfortunately, the metal detector still beeped as I passed through it. A stern looking security man came around and did a body search on me. Funnily, he took his time and was overly physical doing it, especially around the crouch area. I must say, he, being local at the land I was at, did look damn hot in that bloody tight uniform and was very macho with a pair of sexy piercing eyes. I thought nothing of it but just smiled at him. He glared at me with a very strict authoritarian look.

After going through the body search incident, I had plenty of time before boarding. I browsed around the duty-free shops and then I went for a puff at the smoking section. As I was about to finish my cigarette, the same security man who did the body search on me walked next to the smoking section. Through the window he saw me and again gave me the same piercing look. Again, all I managed was a sincere smile. After my cigarette, I went straight to the toilet, which was not far away from the smoking section. I went to the urinal at the far end of the toilet. To my surprise, the same security man came and took the urinal next to me. There were so many urinals in the toilet and yet he still wanted to take a leak next to me. To my surprise, the security man was actually checking me out. You are kidding me right! I just stood still. He angled himself so that he was showing me his. He was definitely excited. I can’t believe my luck! After looking around for clearance, he cautiously reached out for my dick and stroked me. I was in heaven.

He then gave me an indication to go to the cubicle. I was still in the dazed. He zipped up and led the way into the cubicle. Obviously, I followed him even thought I was so fucking nervous. Locked in the cubicle, he unzipped me and then he stroked me again. When I about to reach down for his zipper, he abruptly stopped me with his hand. He looked at me and said with a smug, ‘Fifty buck first and then we can do it.’



sean said...

i am wondering what is next after that...

anastacia said...

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aznon said...

thats a pretty good did you pay up and did more than an ornery handjob?

Mamato said...