Friday, June 19, 2009

A Small Note Pad

Feeling alone and horny, I made a stop at my regular sauna hangout. Hunting and being hunted is the game there. As I was shedding my jeans and t-shirt, I saw a cute boy walking passed me. I quickly wrapped myself into my towel and hurried looking for him. To my disappointment, he was nowhere to be seen. Someone might have got to him first. Damn!

It was when I was having my cigarette at the open-aired courtyard that I saw him again. He saw me and he had that cheeky smile on him. Jackpot! I knew that he was interested. He walked passed me towards his group of friends while stealing short glimpses at me. I smiled and he smiled back. As he sat down with his friends, I realised that his friends was using the sign language to communicate. Emmmmm … so he was either deaf or dump. Does that make any different to me? Obviously NOT, blame it all on my hormone.

I knew that the boy was telling his friends that I was making an eye at him. Even if you do not know sign language, you would be able to guess what they are talking about especially when fingers were pointed and there were occasional stares towards you. Suddenly, there was like a huge invisible fly swapper striking them, the rest of his friends just ‘flew off’ leaving the piece of meat out in the open. The tiger went in for the kill. Ha ha …. Not that vicious lah.

I went and sat next to him. He instantly whipped out a small note pad and wrote on it. I answered back by writing. This writing back and forth went on for quite some time. He was quite an intelligent boy after all but most importantly he was so damn cute and my loin was screaming! In the end I asked him to follow me back to my place. He agreed and I was so overjoyed to have him all to myself.

No time was wasted when we arrived at my place. I lead him straight into my bedroom. It was a hot night and I had to open the window because my bedroom did not have aircon. He was lying on the bed, spreading himself all ready for me. I didn’t need that small note pad to know that he was ready. Go for the kill! He was damn good at foreplay. I was so turned on that I had to turn him around. I had to fuck him real good. He was taking it all so damn well and his body language was showing me that he enjoyed it. Ah! No need of that small note pad here.

All of the sudden, he screamed on top of his lung as if in pain and being bashed up by some bully. WTF! He was expressing his orgasmic moment. Obviously he did not know how loud he was but my fucking neighbours would have heard all this as the windows were wide open. I panicked and that moment of time I needed to tell him to keep it down but where the fuck is that small note pad! The funny thing is, during my state of panic, that simple international sign language that everyone knows to silence is to put your index finger on the lips and this, I was not able to remember at that FUCKING moment of time.


willchh said...

"......I was so turned on that I had to turn him around. I had to fuck him real good. ......"

Love that part, :) could I be your boy for a session?

earthrooster said...

LOL, this was a good read and most informative as well :-P

Anonymous said...

had an experience with a mute once..surprisingly.. he is still the LOUDEST i ever had!!!