Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Multimillion Project Queen

I have heard from my friends of their many sex adventures. Adventures like having sex with a total stranger at the back of a bus or on the moving train or high up in the airplane, getting free taxi ride by offering sex to the taxi driver, making out with a room delivery personnel at a hotel, seducing drunken lorry driver at a cheap hotel, going down on a policeman who wanted to issue him a summon and so forth. However, this to me is the most interesting of them all.

My friend, Andrew, cruised at construction site. What he did was he sneaked into the multimillion construction site at late night. He usually brought with him lipstick and compact powder but dressed straight. After locating the open air bath room, he settled himself not far away from it discreetly yet quite visible from the foreign construction workers who are cleaning themselves after a hard day work. As the worker took notice of him, he took out his lipstick and colour his lips. Then he casually made a few pats with the compact powder. Amazingly these actions did excite the foreign construction workers who are obviously had not had sex with any woman for a very long long while. Voilá! Free sex with straight men!

The reason why it had to be at a multimillion construction site is because, Andrew explained, there would be more selection of men and the staff turnover is high. Because of this, we used to call Andrew the Multimillion Project Queen.

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Anonymous said...

wow - I wish I had the guts to do that hehe.
- b.