Friday, January 20, 2006

Birthday Bash

I had it all planned. My birthday bash was gonna be at a nice posh bar on a roof top overlooking the KL Petronas twin tower. The theme for that night was Oriental. Beautiful pizzas and finger food were ordered with free flow drinks for the nite. Invitations to my selected friends were sent out and so is to my 2 potentials. Was hoping some magic gonna happen with either of them. I was so excited. It bloody better be cuz I am spending an obese amount for the nite!

Both of the potentials know that I am interested with them but both have not said a definite a yes or a no. I hanging on a string and could not make a decision. I need either one of them to make the first move. Call me conservative, call me the typical melayu boy but that is how I was brought up. So malu one! But I am sure my chance is higher with 2 potentials right?!

The actual night came. Full moon just floating above the twin towers. Such a perfect romantic setting. Everyone arrived in Chongsam (chinese attire) and one guy friend even wore a kimono with a fan. Memoirs of Geisha inspired him. Everyone had fun as the night went by. My 2 potentials were having fun too. I tried my best to have fun but in the end, my heart just could not. Neither the 2 potentials did not make any move at all. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


lil ms d said...

while you flirt with everyone, i may have a proposal for you: i'd like to introduce you to rafizah an art curator and i think your work will be greeted with great enthusiasm. yes?

Cheer Entertainment said...

i'm sorry...